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You and your family love snacking. But you want to eat healthy. And you want to feel good about the food you serve your family. Then You Love Fruit is for you!

You Love Fruit embraces everything that’s simple and healthy about food. We use only premium ingredients. Our fruit and veggie leathers are handmade, the old-fashioned way.

You Love Fruit is made from only what nature intended. Organic and all natural. No added sugars, no added colors, no added anything.

Portable and convenient, You Love Fruit is a great snack for school or work… and we have so many flavors to love, too!

Throw a pack in your
bag or in your
backpack.You Love Fruitis your anytime,
anywhere snack that
you can feel great
Carrots are a natural super food and a good source of vitamin A, which is important for healthy eye sight.
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You Love Fruit™
gives you the
nutrition and
benefits of fresh
fruit for your
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Mango Coconut
Mango!? Coconut!? Together?! Amazing!
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