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The fruit, the whole fruit and nuthin’ but the fruit.


Am I crazy to believe that you’ll find love in a pack of fruit leather?
I don’t think so.

With over 20 years in the food industry, I’ve come to understand that the foods we love and enjoy are all-natural, healthy, simple, and wholesome. Food containing only what nature intended.

That’s the driving force behind You Love Fruit. Fruit and veggie leathers that are handmade. Simple. Delicious. Convenient. And fun to eat. Nothing but organic, natural ingredients. All the things you love.

I want you to feel good about what you eat and give your family. So put You Love Fruit in your briefcase or your kids’ backpacks. Or take a pack with you wherever you go. With 11 different flavors to choose from, you’ll find there’s something for everyone, too!

Enjoy You Love Fruit. There’s love in every delicious bite!

Adam Kay
Founder, You Love Fruit

You Love Fruit™
gives you the
nutrition and
benefits of fresh
fruit for your
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Mango Coconut
Mango!? Coconut!? Together?! Amazing!
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